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Further Advantages of "King Pompa's Internal Gear Pumps"

These are positive displacement pumps. And thus:

  • Flow is proportional to pump speed. A pump may be used for different capacities.
  • Constant, unpulsating flow occurs in the pipeline.
  • Precise metering can be done by the help of a flowmeter and a speed controller equipment like a frequency invertor.
  • • Flow direction is reversible. Pump can operate clockwise and counter-clockwise. (if there is, relief   valve must be considered)
    • Pump can be used for loading and unloading with suitable piping..
    • Laminar flow brings up less pressure losses than diaphragm or piston pumps.
  • High suction capability even when pump is wet and priming.
  • • Simple revision and less downtime.
    • Easy clearance adjustment with no need of demountling the pump from the pipeline.
    • Simple and though construction.
  • Only two moving parts as “rotor” and “idler”.
  • Only one shaft and so only one stuffing box exists.
  • Wide configuration options for differing applications.
  • Stainless steel and sealless drive are satisfactory choices.
  • Initial costs are low. A good system design including pipeline, brings low operating costs and energy need too.
  • Many pump sizes exist for optimum solutions.

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