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Pump Characteristics

Below are generally defining characteristics of our pumps. However, new industrial needs make us to bring out new custom solutions. It is a fact that, there is no standart product for your application. But what we usually do is:

Empathy > Engineering > Solution

Operating Principle Internal gear (gear within a gear) /positive displacement / volumetric
Max Capacity (GPM / m3 hr) 1,500/345
Max Operating Pressure (PSI / Bar)* 200/14
Max Viscosity (SSU / cSt) 2,200,000 / 480,000
Max Temperature (°F / °C) 700 °F / 370 °C
Dry Running Ability No. (for a short time when the pump is oily wet and liquid-film exists)
Solid Particals Tiny soft particals
Abrasive Liquid Pumping With special construction of materials and drive.
Pump Shaft and Sealing Element 1
Sealless Design Magnetically coupled models exist.
Custom Configurations Yes, mostly custom.

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