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Gearmotor Drive

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King Pompa Internal gear pumps can operate at different speeds related with pumped liquid. A pump’s top speed is inversely proportional to liquid viscosity. And for heavy viscosity applications, pump speed must be dicreased to very low speeds. High speed is generally unwanted for most machines. Lower the speed, longer the pumps’ life is. So, even for moderate viscosities, our engineers advise “calmly” driven pumps and assemblies.

Advantages of gearmotor drive are:
  • Easy assembly and drive.
  • Very low speed is available
  • Gearbox drive unit needs no heavy maintenance.
  • Temperature, humidity, dirty environments are easy problems for gearmotor drive
  • Applicable for pumps with vertical or horizantal ports.

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V-belt Drive

360° View

King Pompa Internal gear pumps can be driven by V-belt drive. This way, motor output speed can be decreased to a level at pump shaft, but not down to very low speeds. For a slow drive, an enormous diameter of sheave must be used, so is unwanted.

Some notes are:

  • Low initial costs.
  • Belts need protection against environmental affects.
  • Belts need frequent controls for tightness and strength.
  • Suitable for pumps with vertical ports.
  • Horizantal ports face to motor and bring a complicated pipeline herewith.

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Direct Drive

When subject is pumping a lubricating fluid, our pumps can be driven full motor speed too. Remember again, pump size is inversely proportional to speed.

Advantages are:

  • Lowest cost of drive arrangement
  • Pump runs at its’ highest capacity

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