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The Unique Properties

As an engineering based company, we have always been designing our products according to customer needs and new technologies. Of course, 3D modelling and CNC manufacturing are unforgiveable technics of us and the world. Below are some unique properties of our products showing our abilities and advantages here in Istanbul. See how we can make "steel" as a standart feature in many parts instead of casting. Up to date sealing technology including the magnetic sealing with single or double containment shell is also an important sign of our style.

Sealing Options
King's Integral series pumps accepts various sealing options including:

  • Packing seals
  • O-ring seals
  • Component mechanical seals
  • Cartridge single-mechanical seals
  • Cartridge double-mechanical seals,
  • Magnetic coupling system (These pumps are known as “sealless pumps” )

Packing Component Mechanical Seal

Cartridge Seal Magnetic Coupling

Steel Liners
Integral series pumps have Steel liners in the pump bracket. Liners are made of stainless steel in stainless steel construction pumps.


  • Approves sealing life and efficiency
  • Makes assembly and disassembly easier
  • Allows numerous custom designs

Steel Heating Jackets
Jacketed pumps are improved with steel jackets on pump head as standart feature. Some models have both jackets made from steel as a standart feature.


  • Tougher than cast iron jackets.
  • Stainless steel is available on request..
  • Lower cost than castings.
  • Custom properties are easily added on steel parts.
  • Unmountable without disturbing the pump.

Enlarged Pump Bracket
Another design characteristic of our Integral Series gear pumps is enlarged pump bracket. This new style brackets provide users those below:

  • Easy access to packing area.and faster renewal of packing seals.
  • No need for demounting pump from pipeline for packing seal renewal.
  • Wide open area makes custom changes and applications possible. Different sealing methods are welcomed by this pump.

Smart Parts

Packing Glands:

A smart idea for packing glands is "detachable-in-two" glands. This optional feature provides user an additional ease of packing renewal. Abrasive liquids causing malfunction of packings need frequent stops, however these are short stops with detachable glands. This is an optional "on demand" feature for sizes to G12, but a standart in G13 and larger Integral Series models.

Fixed Gland Studs:
All glands are supported by fixed studs. This eliminates cast material based aging problems ending with breaks.

  • They are fixed in axis
  • Easily removed
  • Stainless Steel is available

New Thrust Bearing
"Integral" series gear pumps are equipped with a new bearing construction. This system is based on "simplicity". With minimum number of parts, and steel bearing caps, this new design is also offering thrust control and adjustable rotor clearances to compensate for wear and viscosity.


  • Stable bearing of shaft
  • Steel parts of longlife
  • Easy clereance adjustment.
  • Easy mounting and demounting

Pump Casings & Directions
Our gear pumps have four casing models related with pipeline connection and port types. Letters A, B, C and D defines vertical or horizantal positioned, NPT or flanged connections.

Casing A: 90° Vertical & NPT Threaded Port
Casing B: 90° Vertical & Flanged Port
Casing C: 180° Horizontal & Flanged Port
Casing D: 180° Horizontal & NPT Threaded Port

"Integral" series pumps allows casing rotation. Thus, vertical right and left positions occurs. Suction and discharge ports can be changed by pump rotation. Either directions are available for gear pumps. Just be careful for some component seals and relief valves.

We advise watching our animations on this subject.


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