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Heating Jackets
Optional heating jackets can be integrated with the pump bracket, head, casing, and relief valve. These jackets are secondary chambers on the specific pump parts. When heat transfer oil, steam, or hot water circulates through jackets, pump is heated by thermal conduction allowing a precise control of the temperature. Heating jackets are indispensable options for temperature sensitive applications such as heavy fuel-oils, asphalt, chocolate, resin, glucose, open environment operations and alike.

So, related with use and need, our pumps can be equipped with "heating jackets". There are four different areas of heating jackets.

These are;

  • Pump Head (Steel material is standart for the jacket on pump head)
  • Pump Casing (Vertical casings of type A and B)
  • Pump Bracket (bearing and sealing area)
  • Presure Relief Valve

Pressure Relief Valves (Bypass / Safety Valves)
Pressure relief valves protects your pump and equipment against excessive pressure build-ups in the pipeline. For high viscosities and reversible pump directions, double valves can be assembled on pumps with horizantal casings.

  • Relief valves can be integrated with pump head and pump casing.
  • PRV can be integrated with pump casings of type C and D with horizantal ports. Pump casings with vertical ports do not let this option by construction.
  • When pump is jacketed, we offer independent PRV on the pipeline.
  • Some liquids do not allow by-passing through relief valve. Heat build up may occur in the PRV.
  • Please click for more about PRV.



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