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About Us

Dear Industrialist,
We believe that choosing the right producer will be the first step in selection of a product. As a producer ourselves, we believe that we deserve to be defined as the best in our class.

Our Past
Our company was founded by Ö. Faruk Polatoğlu, who, as a civil engineer, was specialized in pump production and system calculations. Mr. Faruk got acquainted with the pumps first in 1964 with the rotodynamic pumps.  He entered pump production business first with the trading of the pumps and relevant accessories and the first trial production began in 1977. In 1982 he founded King Pompa and Makine Sanayi Ticaret Ltd Şti for serial production. Our company still continues to provide services to different industries with production of positive displacement pumps and with consulting services in pump engineering.

What matters to us?
• A respected corporate structure
• Our vision for development
• Mutually profitable operations
• A management view that respects people
• Solutions customized according to the needs of the customers
• Being among the top two preferred companies for any industry we serve
• Maintaining the customer loyalty
• Providing non-problematic, modern, economical products
• Following up and solving the problems
• Regularly updated organization

Our working style
We are proud to be designing and producing new products all the time. We know that we can succeed only when we enjoy what we are doing. We focus on our core business and follow up the innovations. Drawing on our continuously renewed experiences and feedbacks of our customers, we improve our products. 15% of our turnover is used solely for the technical developments. 

Our indispensables
• Providing ideal solutions to the users of our pumps,
• Helping you with anything related to pumps,
• Seeing our products as a mirror reflecting us,                                                                                
• In pump selection, thinking that we will be using every pump,
• Taking care of our customers one by one  and meeting their needs completely,
• Responding fast in urgent situations,
• High quality communication,
• Innovation

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