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Comprehending customers’ needs is always a necessity, while choosing and offering a product.  Because, we offer a pump, in the manner of we will be using it. Everyone with no doubt looks for the same:
“a technological product with long life, low energy consumption, minimum downtime,  economical advantages, and diversity.” So these are what we aim to be supplying with a King Pump.   

We’re in Your Industry.

King Pompa has the experience and products of your industry. We can follow and see your changing needs. And bring out new solutions to new problems.

Our products  incorporate our more than 25 years of experience developing industry-specific  solutions for our customers.


Their unique capabilities enable  us to deliver intelligent comprehensive solutions that are unmatched by our competitors.

They are designed to be highly reliable, easily customizable, and capable of being tightly integrated with other critical customer systems such as magnetically driven pump applications.  

King Pompa manufactures positive displacement pumps are put to work by industry giants that refine oil, distribute fuels, make paints, produce chemicals or foodstuff, tank & storage plants and of course shipping companies. Our global clients are challenged to increase capacity safely and efficiently while meeting stringent environmental performance standards.

King pompa delivers comprehensive solutions that target real economic improvement within our customers processes. Our engineers and designers work together to address more than just the immediate need. They develop solutions that affect the entire facility - from optimizing equipment to improving the bottom line.


Pump Selection: How can it be so important for our nature & environment?

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