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Saving Energy and "Ecopump"

Saving our nature is one of our indispensables. Did you ever think how can a “pump user” and a “pump manufacturer” may have roles on this?

Especially there two subjects to keep in my mind:

1. Saving energy while using a pump.
As a manufacturer, we suggest pump assemblies to operate with minimum energy consumption and work for maximum life. This is also one-to-one related with complete design of the pumping system including pipes, materials, sizes and equipment. So, we also give advise on pipeline to our partners.

2. Saving energy by delaying the need for a new pump.
This delay is not tolerating a “grieving” pump. When it is not economical to repair a pump and it“dies” , it is inevitable that a new pump will be manufactured to take its place. And a new pump means, new casting of iron and steel using enormous energy.

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