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Pump Selection

Selecting the right pump is very important part of a fluid system design. And pump selection is not the last step during calculations of a new investment. If you leave the pump selection to the end, you may not be pleased with the situation come on the scene. You may have to deal with high pressure or dicrease flow capacity.

  • Initially, determine the flow capacity you need as minimal and maximal.
  • Describe your pressure limits. (Considering the distance, height, equipment on the pipeline (flowmeter, heat exchanger etc.), pipe material, fluid properties.)
  • Now, with pressure and capacity, pump selection can slightly begin. But still more information needed for a precious pump selection !
  • Liquid to be pumped may have specific properties eliminating to operate properly. Remember that, Some liquids affect pumps and some liquids are affeceted by pumps.
  • Happenings on suction side of a pump is more critical and important than on discharge side. If you exceed physics’ rules, your pump will fail on feeding and indirectly on pumping.
  • So, pipeline design is also in combination with pump selection.
  • And there are foresightful ideas and subjects to keep in mind. Selection must be done towards a pump driven by less energy and having less downtime. Click for subject.

If you want to understand the role of a pump in the process, think on a real heart. And see the pipes are the veins or arteries of a system. So, pipe diameter and design are also related with pump selection. Otherwise “embolism” and “tension / high pressure” are inevitable for your pipeline. Remember, aim is to flow the liquid, not reaching high pressures for the same job unnecessarily.

Our heart is a positive displacement pump either Our pumps are mechanical hearts of your process

Pump Speed

For most liquid transfer duties, there are different pump sizes, those can be offered as solution. But less speed means longer pump life. Longer pump life means, less need for new pump and this is less use of energy for casting and machining pump parts. Unless you are pumping a really lubricating liquid through a suitable pipeline, we do not advise and offer a fast shaft speed.

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